I am a firm believer that there are many moons to be had in life. So whether you are actually scoping ideas for your honeymoon or just looking to have another kind of planetary-adventure, here are some of my favorite new rad hotels all over the world. Links and info below the image. Safe Travels. 

Naked Stables Private Reserve. Paitou Town, China. 200 KM outside of Shanghai 

Beresheet Hotel. Mitspe Ramon, Isreal. Looks out over the Negev Desert. 

Square Nine Hotel. Belgrade, Serbia. 

Anantara Kihavah.  Maldives. 

St. Pancras Marriott. London, UK. 

Casa De La Flora. Khao Lak, Thailand. 

La Maison Champs Elyse. Paris, France. Decorated by Martin Margiela. 

Backstage Hotel. Zermatt, Switzerland. 

Sanctuary Zebra Plains. Zambia. 

Mamilla Hotel. Jerusalem. 

The Prarie. Roundtop, Texas. This hotel is by Rachel Ashwell. 

The Saint James. Paris, France. 

The Charlee Medellin. Antioquia, Colombia. 

Tierra Patagonia. Patagonia, Chile. 

Andaz Hotel. Shanghai, China. 

Hidden Pond. Kennebunkport, Maine. 


Everyone knows about my shoe thing, so I thought I would go ahead and post a little inspiration for you to peruse. Even though they are rarely seen under that dress- they are the best part! Check those McQueens: Dang. Happy Friday!

1-2, Alexander McQueen. 3-6, BHLDN. 7-10, Nicholas Kirkwood. 11-12, Christian Louboutin. 13-16, Lanvin. 17-18, Kurt Geiger. 19-20, Christian Louboutin


Hope your Monday is good so far. Here is a little dress inspiration from the most recent Paris shows to get you moving. 

1-5, Alexander McQueen. 6-9, Elie Saab. 10-11, Balmain. 12-13, Valentino. 14-15, Lanvin. 1st Image copyright Johnny Nichols. 


My girl Brandi in Tejas is a hair stylist and all around very brilliant person. She also has a blog where she and her sister (whom I do not know personally but seems awesome!) report on all things interesting. Her hair tutorials are rad you should check them out if you are doing your own hair on wedding day- or just doing your own hair generally. I asked her a few questions about life and hair- you will find her answers along with links to a couple tutorials below (I particularly like the answer to the first question!). Happy Monday. 


*Hi! Can you please tell me how it is that you came to to be a hair artist? 

My mom was a hairstylist and she loved it. She was never in a bad mood after work and she made bank. 

*Where is your salon and how long have you had it? 

My friend and I own a salon, Do Or Dye Tx. We work with 3 other friends and have a good vibe going, no drama allowed. It's right in the heart of Montrose Texas. We are currently in the process of moving to a bigger space with room to grow.

*What are the pro's and con's of working for yourself? Any advice for people starting their own projects/business/site?

The pros: you get to make your own hours, set your own goals, travel whenever you want, you are your own boss.
Cons: Tax time, becoming a workaholic, but I don't know if that is a con? 
Whatever business you want to start, get some experience in that field first, learn from your mentors, always ask questions, never stop educating yourself. We go to hairshows, classes, and make an effort to keep up with trends.

* I love the tutorials on your blog. What are some key things people who are doing their own hair on wedding day should think about? 

You tube is your best friend. 

* For ladies with long hair, like ourselves, who want to wear their hair down on the day- how can you keep it looking like you want it for a long period of time, and not blah? 

Wash your hair with a good Shampoo. Conditioning on the day of may not be a good idea. It could weigh down the hair. Blow it out for more volume. Spray hair with sea salt spray. Curl hair. Pin curls in place. Let the hair cool off before you take them down or before you put your hands through it. The common mistake people make when curling hair is they break up the curl while the hair is still hot. Use a texturing spray or cream, depending on hair type, and work it through with your hands.I like the cream on my hair (Kevin Murphy's Hair resort). For fine hair I would use Osis Dust it Powder (waxing powder) 
Don't be scared of product! Moroccan oil hairspray is light so I spray the heck out of my hair.
If you want shine, Aquage Beyond Shine is awesome for a final touch. 

* What are some key things in a stylist someone should look for if they are hiring a professional? 
(particularly if you are nervous about someone giving you prom hair or just don't get your deal). 

I would recommend looking at their work. Ask if they have a website, facebook, or portfolio of hair they have done. When you see someone with good hair, ask them who their stylist is.
I always tell clients to bring me photo's of what they Love, and photo's of hair they HATE during our consultation. This really helps and eliminates uncertainty.

*Thanks Brandi!!!!! You can check Brandi's blog here Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno


Some Turorials:






The beautiful photos of Brandi at the top are by Lonnie Webb and they belong to him. She is wearing the amazing CHRISRANN jewelry in the photos. 


I am currently in Pittsburgh working on a rad project that I will tell you about soon! But until then, for all you brides who are furiously trying to work everything out and make it all come together, take a little Moss monday inspiration. Check the teepees. Happy Monday everyone. 

Also, you can check out all the coverage from this on grazia if you like.