temple church london wedding

THE BEST Of || 2015

"Why does my heartbeat feel like a speaker.
Feeding back. Repeater. Repeater."

- The Dead Weather

This has been an amazing year. I have traveled thousands of miles, hung with some of the best people ever, and got to take pictures all along the way. I lost a few people this year and it has given me renewed perspective on what I want to take with me, whats coming ahead and what I want to leave behind. 2016 is already shaping up to be an epic one. Cheers to 2015 and bring on the New Year! Love to you all. 


"We played our songs. And felt the London sky resting in our hands. The sun machine is coming down. And we're gonna have a party."- David Bowie

Statement of full disclosure: I love all the people in these pictures. Every thing about this wedding was epic (and I think at this point we all know: thats my jam) from the beauty of Temple Church, to Zadok The Priest and their completely brilliant crew. It was so fantastic to get to be the one shooting on this day and see all of this go down. Massive love to everyone involved on this one!