savannah wedding photographer


“When love. Comes to town. I’m gonna jump that train.”- U2

There is great and then there are Taylor + William. I was fast friends with these two champions and everything about this day and them was gorgeous. So grateful I got to be a part of this and can’t wait to see all the amazing things coming for them in the future. LOVE.


"Born. To be. Wild."- Steppenwolf

These two humans are epicly stellar and this wedding was nothing short of that. I loved Christina from jump and it was so wonderful to get to be there on this day and to see all this go down through my camera. Huge love to everyone involved on this one.

Taylor + William || The Interim

"My love. Is never ending. Like a Sea. Without a shore."- City and Colour

I have loved these two humans from jump and can't wait for their wedding later this year. Huge love on this one and roll on 2018.


"You take it on faith. You take it to the heart."- Tom Petty

Kelsey + PJ are the loveliest and this wedding was exactly that + fun + beautiful. They brought their entire crew down from DC and let me drag them all over the place taking pictures and for these and many other reasons I love them so. This entire day was fantastic and I can't wait to see all the amazing things coming for them in the future. LOVE.


"I've been waiting for you. And you've been coming to me. For such a long time now."- Neil Young

If you want to up the ante on your engagement session please BRING YOUR HARLEYS. Laura + Eddie are the loveliest and this session was an absolute blast to shoot. So much fun and I cannot wait for their wedding next year!  Love.


"It had to be you. It had to be you."- Tony Bennett

Kathleen + Tim are very cool cats and I had a blast working with them the entire time but especially on this day! The whole thing was epic from start to finish and I am so glad I got to be the one shooting it all go down. Their crews were amazing and LIVED it up. Kathleen is a professional Irish dancer so naturally there was Irish dancing! K + T, I love you dudes. Cheers to all that lies ahead! Love.


"Like a river. Flows surely to the sea."- Bob Dylan

Seth + Julia are seriously cool cats and it was the best honor to get to be there with them and their families on this gorgeous day. They made for amazing subjects and I had a blast taking these pictures with them. So much goodness. Love! 


"Low Stress. High Party."- Catherine Ball Spencer

This team + me = kismet. From my very first interaction with Kit I knew we had been brought together by the powers that be. These two are amazing people but are also super FUN and their wedding was nothing short of both of those things. Their whole crew was an absolute blast and I am kind of sad its over. I am glad to have them all as friends now and can't wait to see all that life holds for them in the future! Big love on this one.


"I woke up this morning. Smiled at the rising sun. Three little birds. Sat on my doorstep. Singing sweet songs"- Bob Marley

This little dude + his amazing Mama are not only both total stunners but are some of the sweetest people on the planet. It was a total honor to get to have them in front of my camera and I can't wait to see all the goodness life unfolds for them both. Shout out to my two killer assistants also. Big love on this one. 


"If the sun. Has faded away. I'll try. To make it shine."- The Beatles 

This is part II of the amazing Lucinda + Rob's epic Cambodian wedding. Everything about this was incredible and I am so glad I got to be the one behind the camera on these (multiple!) days. You can check out Part I here. Big love on this one!