charlotte wedding photographer


"I wanna dance with somebody."- Whitney Houston

Oh T + B, how I love thee so. Its hard to know where to start with this one as these two + their crew = most epic of parties. There was so much love in this room and surrounding this entire day I could not have been happier to be the one behind the camera and get to catch it all go down. This is an exceptional group of people and every piece of this thing was amazing. Big huge love to everyone involved on this one.


"You are the best thing. That's ever happened to me."- Ray LaMontagne

We must begin with a statement of full disclosure: I love Hannah + Reid. Like, big time. This entire day was epic beyond measure and there are not two more deserving people of it. From the stunning ceremony to their crew TEARING it up on the dance floor, every single thing was beautiful. Big ups to all my peoples on this one (amazing families! fantastic friends! brilliant clergy! killer assistants! video buddies! you know who you are...)

Lauren + Landon || The QC

"All the sweetest winds. They blow across the south. Oh my sweet carolina."- Ryan Adams

L + L are boss. I had the best time with them and their amazing crew! The whole day was beautiful and ended with (see above) a seriously epic sunset. I already loved Lauren's family but I fell in love with Landon's also. So much love to this whole posse and can't wait to see how the future unfolds for them! Love.

THE BEST OF || 2016

"Hear your heart. So sweetly beat."- TV On The Radio

This year has been wild/wicked/BOSS. Love to all the mighty hearts who got in front of my camera this year, let me be part of your lives and make art about it. I love you forever.


"Them bricks is way too hot. You need to cut it."- O.T. Genasis

There are regular rockstars and then above that: there is Erica + Ben. From the moment I started working with these two I have loved them and been fans of theirs. It was so cool to get to be the one firing on this day and I am blessed to have been there and to now have them as friends. E + B: Love you both! 


"Oh my sweet CarolinaWhat compels me to go. Oh my sweet dispositionMay you one day. Carry me home."- Ryan Adams

There is awesome and then there is next level awesome, directly above that is master level awesome. Hannah + Reid are serious master level awesome and it was such a great honor to have them in front of my camera. I had a blast shooting these images and cannot wait for their wedding next year. Big love on this one! 


"May the good lord. Shine a light on a you. Make every song. You sing. Your favorite tune"- The Rolling Stones

Oh Man. It was such an honor to get to shoot this wedding. Sarah + Clay are the best and I have gotten to be there for so many amazing moments with this family and this one was no exception. I don't know how I lucked out with this but I'll take it. The whole day was stunning, their beautiful families and crews were fantastic and it was a PARTY. Which is my favorite thing. Big love to everyone involved on this one! 


"I was looking for you. Looking for you."- Patti Smith

The second installment of the brilliant House Of Ceremony editorial. Check out the HOC shop for all your vintage bridal amazingness here


"We were singing this melody. Stop the car. Pulled out the guitarHalfway to New Orleans. I said take me homeTake me home"- Marc Broussard

I love these brilliant and amazing people. It is so fantastic to get to see all these new dudes come into the world and watch them grow. I am very lucky to get to be the person behind the camera on this one. Big love to all these parents also for making this possible!