charlotte newborn photographer


"We play in the night time. Awake before sunrise"- The Avett Brothers

It was the best honor to get to shoot this amazing girl so soon after she arrived to earth. I am so pumped to see what comes for her in life and am grateful I got to document her at the very beginning. Also, her parents are fantastic as well. LOVE.


"I bless the day I found you."- Bob Dylan

It is so fantastic to get to watch this awesome dude grow up and be able to photograph it. I can't wait to see all the cool adventures he will have and all the amazing things he will do in this life! Happy First Birthday! Love. 


"I took a chance with my heart. And I feel it taking over."- Drake

It was such an honor to get have this girl and her lovely parents in front of my camera. She is already a very cool customer and made for one of my easiest subjects every. Welcome to the world Emmanuelle! Love. 


"Sweet Child of Mine."- Guns N' Roses

It is super cool to get to watch these two become parents and to now have this amazing girl with us. She is already a very cool customer and I can't wait to watch her grow and see all the great things she will do in this life! Welcome to earth Molly! Love. 


"I've crossed the ocean. For a heart of gold."- Neil Young

It was so fantastic to get to meet this dude so early in his life! He is already super awesome and I appreciate him letting his lovely parents jump in a few shots. Welcome to the world Max! 


"I said it's yours with love from me. I'm planting my roots in this ground. And when they look for me I'll be found. With something that is part of me and you."- Johnny Cash

It is so wonderful to have gotten to take these pictures. I love these two and it is super cool to get watch them as they become parents. I can't wait to meet this baby! Big love on this one. 


"If I should find a twinkling starOne half so wondrous as you areThat star would be like my heart"- Ella Fitzgerald

It was the absolute best to get to meet and photograph this amazing new girl. She was a rockstar subject and let her stunner Mama jump in a few for good measure. Thank you Bennett + Jenny for letting me take these pictures! Love. 


"In the flood. You'll build an ark. And sail us to the moon."- Radiohead

It was the best thing to get to photograph this very cool girl. I got to shoot her parents wedding and it is such an awesome thing to be able see them grow through my camera. So much love to everyone involved on this one! 


"All your life.
You were waiting for the moment.
To arise."

- The Beatles

It was total magic getting to shoot this little dude again. I got to shoot him when he was brand new and it is really a total honor to get to see him through my lens at this stage. He is already super cool and let his lovely parents jump in a few shots, which was fantastic as they are also great to hang with! Love!


"My baby don't care for cars. And races.
My baby don't care for high-tone places.
My baby just cares for me."

- Nina Simone

Oh Man. It was so cool and the best honor to get to shoot this amazing new lady. I have gotten to be around for so many big moments in her parents life and it was awesome to watch the road bring them to her. So much love to this whole family and welcome to the world Evie! You are loved!