brooklyn wedding photographer


“I saw. A light. Coming on.”- Radiohead

Brass tacks of it: Jack + Andrew are the best of the best. They came to me through the cosmos and this wedding incredible start to finish. I am so grateful to have gotten to be behind the camera on this one and huge love to everyone who was there, worked on this and especially to J + A: I love you forever.


“When love. Comes to town. I’m gonna jump that train.”- U2

There is great and then there are Taylor + William. I was fast friends with these two champions and everything about this day and them was gorgeous. So grateful I got to be a part of this and can’t wait to see all the amazing things coming for them in the future. LOVE.


"Is this. Love. That I'm feeling."- Bob Marley

Oh Sarah + Noah how I love thee so. This was the absolute best day with the absolute best crew. I could not have been happier to be there to see all this go down. Huge love to everyone involved on this one! 


"Lets get old fashioned. Back to how. Things used. To be."- Frightened Rabbit

Sarah + Noah are amazingfest-5000 and I can't wait for their wedding later this year. Shooting these pictures was an absolute blast and involved tequila afterwards which essentially = best ever. Love.


"My city. Your mountain. Stay with me stay."- Stevie Nicks + Don Henley

Team. I seriously love Kate + Scottie. This entire day was blast and there are not two more deserving people of such loveliness. I fell in love with not just them, but both of their families and their entire crew. I could not have been more honored to get to be the behind the camera on this one. Big love.


"Flash that. Buttery gold. Jittery zeitgeist."- Aesop Rock

These pieces are so amazing in person I was worried the photos would not do them justice. Beauty meets badass meets some high level intellect meets craftsmanship. It was the best honor to get to shoot this with The Mighty Maria Biehn, to get to have the brilliant + stunning Bryanna McQueeney working it out in front of my camera and Eva Genevieve making the makeup and hair into magic city. Big love to everyone on this one. 

THE BEST OF || 2016

"Hear your heart. So sweetly beat."- TV On The Radio

This year has been wild/wicked/BOSS. Love to all the mighty hearts who got in front of my camera this year, let me be part of your lives and make art about it. I love you forever.