asheville wedding photographer


"Tell. Me. Something Good."- Chaka Khan

It is always the greatest honor to get to have this beautiful and brilliant crew in front of my camera. They have become great friends of mine through letting me make art all about their lives/roads/changes and I could not be more grateful for both. Big love on this one.


"I wanna dance with somebody."- Whitney Houston

Oh T + B, how I love thee so. Its hard to know where to start with this one as these two + their crew = most epic of parties. There was so much love in this room and surrounding this entire day I could not have been happier to be the one behind the camera and get to catch it all go down. This is an exceptional group of people and every piece of this thing was amazing. Big huge love to everyone involved on this one.


"I Know You. Rider."- The Grateful Dead

It was the best honor to get to shoot this amazing new dude. He is very chilled out and thinking deep thoughts already. He let his lovely parents jump in on few which was nice also. So much love on this one!


"Then I'll dig a tunnel. Yeah. A tunnel. From my window to yours. You climb out the chimney. And meet me in the middle."- Arcade Fire

It is so cool to get to see this amazing dude grow. He gets cuter by the day and I can't believe he is so big already! I am so lucky to get to capture it. Happy 1st Birthday Atlas! Love. 


"If we take a little time. And we leave it all behind. And sing. One more song"- Jackson Browne

It was a complete pleasure to have this gorgeous fam in front of my camera. They were all fantastic and that Asheville light never fails me. Also, I have never met a baby that was so willing to smile for me than Annie! Movie star already. Her parents and brother were also great :) Love! 



THE BEST Of || 2015

"Why does my heartbeat feel like a speaker.
Feeding back. Repeater. Repeater."

- The Dead Weather

This has been an amazing year. I have traveled thousands of miles, hung with some of the best people ever, and got to take pictures all along the way. I lost a few people this year and it has given me renewed perspective on what I want to take with me, whats coming ahead and what I want to leave behind. 2016 is already shaping up to be an epic one. Cheers to 2015 and bring on the New Year! Love to you all. 


"And everything's all by the way. When I grow older.
I will be there at your side. To remind you.
How I still love you. I still love you."

- Queen

Let me say this to you plainly: Chesson + Brian are Rock Stars. It was such a blast to get to shoot this wedding and be with them on this amazing day. This was a seriously fun PARTY, their whole crew was fantastic (also incredibly talented) and there was just a ton of happiness in the room. Honored I got to be the one shooting the day these two came together forever. Big love to everyone involved on this one! And, Brian + Chesson:
I love you!


"Some far away. Some search for gold. Some dragon to slay.
Heaven we hope. Is just up the road.
Carry your world. I'll carry your world.
Carry your world. I'll carry your world."

- Coldplay

It was so wonderful to get to meet this little dude. He is so awesome already and I am so pumped I got to be the one to take these pictures. His brilliant big sister and my number one girl (whom I am waiting to grow up so we can be friends) also graced us with her presence which was amazing also. As usual these parents are STUNNERS. Seriously LOVE these people.


"Heading down south. To the land of the pine. I'm thumbing my way into North Caroline."- Old Crow Medicine Show

I am very honored I got to shoot this awesome little dude at this amazing time. He is already super cool and was cracking himself (and me) up. It was so fun to get to see him hang with his big brother. Big love to the rad parents on this one also: well done guys! Love.


"I put a spell on you. Because your mine."- Nina Simone

This is one of my favorites ever. So pumped I got to shoot these pictures of this amazing time and can't wait to meet this new bambino. Love these three so much and how cute is that baby girl cheersing with her juice cup? Amaze. Big love on this one.