asheville newborn photographer


"We play in the night time. Awake before sunrise"- The Avett Brothers

It was the best honor to get to shoot this amazing girl so soon after she arrived to earth. I am so pumped to see what comes for her in life and am grateful I got to document her at the very beginning. Also, her parents are fantastic as well. LOVE.


"I Know You. Rider."- The Grateful Dead

It was the best honor to get to shoot this amazing new dude. He is very chilled out and thinking deep thoughts already. He let his lovely parents jump in on few which was nice also. So much love on this one!


"Then I'll dig a tunnel. Yeah. A tunnel. From my window to yours. You climb out the chimney. And meet me in the middle."- Arcade Fire

It is so cool to get to see this amazing dude grow. He gets cuter by the day and I can't believe he is so big already! I am so lucky to get to capture it. Happy 1st Birthday Atlas! Love. 


"I've crossed the ocean. For a heart of gold."- Neil Young

It was so fantastic to get to meet this dude so early in his life! He is already super awesome and I appreciate him letting his lovely parents jump in a few shots. Welcome to the world Max! 


"I’ll say your prayers, I’ll take your sideI'll find us a way to make light."- Pearl Jam

It was the best honor to get to shoot this amazing fam while they wait for their newest addition. It is so cool to get to make art about these moments right before everything will change for forever. I loved getting to be with them and they made for some seriously  excellent subjects. B + A: Love you guys! 


"If we take a little time. And we leave it all behind. And sing. One more song"- Jackson Browne

It was a complete pleasure to have this gorgeous fam in front of my camera. They were all fantastic and that Asheville light never fails me. Also, I have never met a baby that was so willing to smile for me than Annie! Movie star already. Her parents and brother were also great :) Love! 




"Heading down south. To the land of the pine. I'm thumbing my way into North Caroline."- Old Crow Medicine Show

I am very honored I got to shoot this awesome little dude at this amazing time. He is already super cool and was cracking himself (and me) up. It was so fun to get to see him hang with his big brother. Big love to the rad parents on this one also: well done guys! Love.


"I put a spell on you. Because your mine."- Nina Simone

This is one of my favorites ever. So pumped I got to shoot these pictures of this amazing time and can't wait to meet this new bambino. Love these three so much and how cute is that baby girl cheersing with her juice cup? Amaze. Big love on this one.


"And in the middle of the night. I may watch you go. There'll be no value in the strength of the walls I have grown. There'll be no comfort in the shade. Of the shadows thrown. But I'd be yours. If you'd be mine. Love the one you hold. And I'll be your gold."- Mumford and Sons

I feel quite honored that I got to shoot this awesome little dude in celebration of his first year on earth. He was super fun and at one point out of curiousity he stopped modeling and proceeded to crawl on over my legs (see above photo) to check out what all the clicking was about. Also his parents were quite cool as well :) Big love!


"Oh my sweet Carolina. What compels me to go. Oh my sweet dispostion. May you one day. Carry me home."- Ryan Adams

I had a blast shooting these amazing people. It started to down pour right before we were going to shoot and just as quick as it began, it stopped and gave us this beautiful light. A little like life itself I suppose. I can't believe this (completely awesome and fearless) baby girl is 1 already!. Honored to get to shoot this one. BIG LOVE.