Savannah Wedding Photographer


"Once in a million years. A lady like her rises."- Stevie Nicks

This was a stunning day. Big thanks to these 2 beauts and to the lovely ladies at Ivory + Beau and Oscar De La Renta for Paperless Post for the gorgeous invitations! 


"In the flood. You'll build an ark. And sail us to the moon."- Radiohead

It was the best thing to get to photograph this very cool girl. I got to shoot her parents wedding and it is such an awesome thing to be able see them grow through my camera. So much love to everyone involved on this one! 


"She just couldn't stay. She had to break away."- The Ramones

It was so fantastic shooting this girl in this amazing ensemble! Big Love. 

THE BEST Of || 2015

"Why does my heartbeat feel like a speaker.
Feeding back. Repeater. Repeater."

- The Dead Weather

This has been an amazing year. I have traveled thousands of miles, hung with some of the best people ever, and got to take pictures all along the way. I lost a few people this year and it has given me renewed perspective on what I want to take with me, whats coming ahead and what I want to leave behind. 2016 is already shaping up to be an epic one. Cheers to 2015 and bring on the New Year! Love to you all. 


"But all the good. In me.
Is because of you.
Its true."

- St. Vincent

Gena + Casey: I love you. These two are fantastic and I had the best time working with them. I am kindof sad its over honestly. This wedding was gorgeous, super fun and their crew was BOSS. I had the best time with them and loved getting to take these photographs. Big love to everyone involved on this one!!


"Some day when I'm awfully low. And the world is cold. I will feel a glow just thinking of you. And the way you look tonight."- Frank Sinatra

Kristen + Christopher are basically fantastic and this wedding was exactly that. The stunning Savannah backdrop and brilliant crew of friends made this celebration one for the records. I had an amazing time working with them and really fell in love with both of their families so I am a bit sad its over. Big love to everyone involved on this one. Cheers!

2012 || LOOK BACK

This has been an amazing year. Traveling all over, shooting rad clients, doing this work. Here are some of my favorite shots and features from 2012. Much love from Ave Nocturna and Roll on 2013! 


Rachel and Mark featured on Style Me Pretty today!! Its a great feature and they look amazing. Thank you to everyone involved in this wedding for making it so good! Love love. Check it out here





To be honest: I am bummed this wedding is over. It has been an amazing time and I am so grateful to have gotten to be part of this day. Rachel and Mark have become my friends through this process and working with them as well as with Rachel and her Mom (whom I adore) has been basically perfect. They are both just really rad people and have hearts of gold. And to top it off, the day itself was pretty epic, as you can see below. The ceremony was at the Whitfield Chapel and the party was The Scarbrough House and Gardens. There were so many good ones but these are just a few of my favorites. Happy Friday!