Cool Maternity Photos


"I got a date with the night."- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It is so cool to get to be behind the camera for this one. I got to shoot these stunners when they got engaged, when they got married and now this amazingness. Can't wait to meet this baby and huge love to everyone on this one.


I am headed to London but wanted to start this week off right none the less. If the parents are any indication of what the Bambino Jenna is carrying might turn out like then this kid is going to be a combo deal of radness. These two are super amazing people and I love that I got to shoot this time right before they become parents. And it doesn't hurt things that Jenna is a stunnerrrrr. Happy Monday!! 


Welcome to the new website and the new blog! Still tweaking some things but its basically its time to let it ride. So many great projects/weddings/ect things coming up in the next months so watch this space. I am going to be alot better about the blogging this time around friends. The old blog will stay up for a bit though. 

Gonna start this blog out right with one of my best friends in the world from SF, Fashion Maven and general all around amazing person: Holly and her Husband (also very good friend of mine) Michael. She is about to have her first baby and other than me being a professional aunt, she is my first friend to have a baby and basically is the hottest pregnant lady ever. LOVE.