"I got a date with the night."- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It is so cool to get to be behind the camera for this one. I got to shoot these stunners when they got engaged, when they got married and now this amazingness. Can't wait to meet this baby and huge love to everyone on this one.


"I brought you to these waters. To see what you could see."- The Avett Brothers

It was so wonderful to get to capture the nano second of time with these two beauts before their very loved and anticipated new addition arrives. I can't wait to meet this baby and see all the amazing things life has coming for them as a family. LOVE.


"I said it's yours with love from me. I'm planting my roots in this ground. And when they look for me I'll be found. With something that is part of me and you."- Johnny Cash

It is so wonderful to have gotten to take these pictures. I love these two and it is super cool to get watch them as they become parents. I can't wait to meet this baby! Big love on this one. 


"Go find me my bluebird. Flying so high above."- The New Basement Tapes

I have so much love for these two. I got to shoot their boss wedding and it is really amazing to get to shoot these portraits as they embark on this next adventure. I can't wait to meet this baby!! Big love on this one.


"Shaking like a drunk old fool, I hopped off of that plane. And I ran home to ask her in the rain. Waiting on June, I hope that she says yes. Waiting on June, in her faded summer dress."- Holly Williams

I can't wait for this baby to make its entrance. LOVE.


I am headed to London but wanted to start this week off right none the less. If the parents are any indication of what the Bambino Jenna is carrying might turn out like then this kid is going to be a combo deal of radness. These two are super amazing people and I love that I got to shoot this time right before they become parents. And it doesn't hurt things that Jenna is a stunnerrrrr. Happy Monday!!