"Clear blue water. High tide came. And. Brought you in."- Taylor Swift

I can't believe this beautiful and brilliant girl is this old. Time flies. Can't wait to see all the amazing things that lie ahead for her and all that she will do. Huge love on this one.


"Lets get old fashioned. Back to how. Things used. To be."- Frightened Rabbit

Sarah + Noah are amazingfest-5000 and I can't wait for their wedding later this year. Shooting these pictures was an absolute blast and involved tequila afterwards which essentially = best ever. Love.


"Hold up. They don't love you. Like I love you."- Beyonce

It was the bestest honor to get to shoot this beautiful lady in this season of her life. I cannot wait to meet this bebe and see all the amazing things that will come for her in the world! Big love to everyone involved on this one especially my Texas crew and the lovely city of Houston! 


"She just couldn't stay. She had to break away."- The Ramones

It was so fantastic shooting this girl in this amazing ensemble! Big Love. 


"Some far away. Some search for gold. Some dragon to slay.
Heaven we hope. Is just up the road.
Carry your world. I'll carry your world.
Carry your world. I'll carry your world."

- Coldplay

It was so wonderful to get to meet this little dude. He is so awesome already and I am so pumped I got to be the one to take these pictures. His brilliant big sister and my number one girl (whom I am waiting to grow up so we can be friends) also graced us with her presence which was amazing also. As usual these parents are STUNNERS. Seriously LOVE these people.


"Far between sundown's finish. And midnight's broken toll. We ducked inside the doorway. Thunder crashing. As majestic bells. Of boats struck shadows in the sun. Seeming to be the chimes of freedom crashing"
- Bruce Springsteen

Oh man, I love this kid. It has been so great to get to see him grow up and now to get to shoot these pictures. He is already such a cool person I can't wait to see where the road takes him. Big love on this one!


"Grace, it's the name for a girl. It's also a thought that changed the world. And when she walks on the street. You can hear the strings. Grace finds goodness in everything"- U2

It was a total pleasure to get to shoot these portraits of the amazing Grace out at the always stunning Johnson Carriage House. She was a complete blast to work with and is wise beyond her years. I can't wait to see all of the good things coming for her in life! Love.


"My cards are on the table. You can look up my sleeves. Stealing my heart. Stealing my heart. Stealing my heart."- The Rolling Stones

It was so rad to get to shoot these photos out at the JCH where these two got married just last year. They are going to be great parents and I can't wait to meet their bambino soon! Love.


"Full moon sways. Gently in the night of one fine day. On my way"- Beck

It is truly an honor to get to shoot these pictures. I got to shoot Ada + Peter's wedding and it is really cool to get to see their family grow and be a part of it. I can't wait to meet their sure to be awesome bambino very soon!! Big love on this one.


"Oh my sweet Carolina. What compels me to go. Oh my sweet dispostion. May you one day. Carry me home."- Ryan Adams

I had a blast shooting these amazing people. It started to down pour right before we were going to shoot and just as quick as it began, it stopped and gave us this beautiful light. A little like life itself I suppose. I can't believe this (completely awesome and fearless) baby girl is 1 already!. Honored to get to shoot this one. BIG LOVE.