"When the night has come. And the land is dark. And the moon is the only light we see. I won't be afraid.  Just as long. As you Stand by me."- Ben E. King

Its hard to know exactly where to start with this one. As a matter of full disclosure I should tell you that Alli is my great friend and I was so pumped I got to be the one to shoot this amazing wedding and be in a city that means so much to me personally. I have gotten to be around to see this relationship become what it is and that is quite the honor. Not only was this wedding epicly beautiful but it had a deep spirit to it, which I like. Alot. So much love to everyone involved in this one especially Alli and Johhny for letting me be part of their day, Paster Al Hardy and all of Alli + Johnny's family and friends for being basically fantastic. And big ups to Jeri Arazie from the Wickliffe House is who is 100% ace, all the time. LOVE.