"I Know You. Rider."- The Grateful Dead

It was the best honor to get to shoot this amazing new dude. He is very chilled out and thinking deep thoughts already. He let his lovely parents jump in on few which was nice also. So much love on this one!


"Life is ever changing. But I will always find. A constant. And comfort. In your love. You swept me away."- The Avett Brothers

Brave Both Broth is an amazing new health + wellness company making nutrient packed and delicious bone broth in the Queen City. This is an incredibly cool establishment with an aim to not only bring this super food straight to your door but also shedding light + bringing awareness to human trafficking at the same time. Amazing people + amazing subjects! Please check them out...


"Like a river. Flows surely to the sea."- Bob Dylan

Seth + Julia are seriously cool cats and it was the best honor to get to be there with them and their families on this gorgeous day. They made for amazing subjects and I had a blast taking these pictures with them. So much goodness. Love! 


"I Love You. Speeding Motorcycle."- Yo La Tango

It was the best honor to get to have this lady + her bike in front of my camera. Forever Motorcycles + Pizza. Amazing things coming for her in this life. Huge love on this one! 


"Low Stress. High Party."- Catherine Ball Spencer

This team + me = kismet. From my very first interaction with Kit I knew we had been brought together by the powers that be. These two are amazing people but are also super FUN and their wedding was nothing short of both of those things. Their whole crew was an absolute blast and I am kind of sad its over. I am glad to have them all as friends now and can't wait to see all that life holds for them in the future! Big love on this one.


"Hold up. They don't love you. Like I love you."- Beyonce

It was the bestest honor to get to shoot this beautiful lady in this season of her life. I cannot wait to meet this bebe and see all the amazing things that will come for her in the world! Big love to everyone involved on this one especially my Texas crew and the lovely city of Houston! 


"Home. Let me come home. Home is wherever. I'm with you"- Edward Sharpe + The Magnetic Zeros

It was so fantastic to get to shoot these STUNNING interiors. Love this company, aesthetic and all the beautiful design! 


"I woke up this morning. Smiled at the rising sun. Three little birds. Sat on my doorstep. Singing sweet songs"- Bob Marley

This little dude + his amazing Mama are not only both total stunners but are some of the sweetest people on the planet. It was a total honor to get to have them in front of my camera and I can't wait to see all the goodness life unfolds for them both. Shout out to my two killer assistants also. Big love on this one.