"I wanna dance with somebody."- Whitney Houston

Oh T + B, how I love thee so. Its hard to know where to start with this one as these two + their crew = most epic of parties. There was so much love in this room and surrounding this entire day I could not have been happier to be the one behind the camera and get to catch it all go down. This is an exceptional group of people and every piece of this thing was amazing. Big huge love to everyone involved on this one.


"And the light. Bright light. Its all around me."- The Decemberists

Kyra + Kyle came to me through the cosmos and I could not have been more grateful to be with them on this amazing day. Their crew was one of the loveliest bunches ever and this backdrop was so stunning. Huge love to everyone involved on this one! 


"My city. Your mountain. Stay with me stay."- Stevie Nicks + Don Henley

Team. I seriously love Kate + Scottie. This entire day was blast and there are not two more deserving people of such loveliness. I fell in love with not just them, but both of their families and their entire crew. I could not have been more honored to get to be the behind the camera on this one. Big love.


"Flash that. Buttery gold. Jittery zeitgeist."- Aesop Rock

These pieces are so amazing in person I was worried the photos would not do them justice. Beauty meets badass meets some high level intellect meets craftsmanship. It was the best honor to get to shoot this with The Mighty Maria Biehn, to get to have the brilliant + stunning Bryanna McQueeney working it out in front of my camera and Eva Genevieve making the makeup and hair into magic city. Big love to everyone on this one. 


"I was dropped from Moonbeam. And sailed on shooting stars."- Radiohead

This wedding was one for the books. Take a 360 degree view made up of the mountains + pacific ocean + vineyard + amazing people + stunning light + beautiful vibes = epic times. Dian + Kevin are some of the loveliest people ever and getting to be there with them on this day was the best. D + K: love you dudes! Big ups to everyone involved on this one. LOVE.


"You are the best thing. That's ever happened to me."- Ray LaMontagne

We must begin with a statement of full disclosure: I love Hannah + Reid. Like, big time. This entire day was epic beyond measure and there are not two more deserving people of it. From the stunning ceremony to their crew TEARING it up on the dance floor, every single thing was beautiful. Big ups to all my peoples on this one (amazing families! fantastic friends! brilliant clergy! killer assistants! video buddies! you know who you are...)

Lauren + Landon || The QC

"All the sweetest winds. They blow across the south. Oh my sweet carolina."- Ryan Adams

L + L are boss. I had the best time with them and their amazing crew! The whole day was beautiful and ended with (see above) a seriously epic sunset. I already loved Lauren's family but I fell in love with Landon's also. So much love to this whole posse and can't wait to see how the future unfolds for them! Love.


"It had to be you. It had to be you."- Tony Bennett

Kathleen + Tim are very cool cats and I had a blast working with them the entire time but especially on this day! The whole thing was epic from start to finish and I am so glad I got to be the one shooting it all go down. Their crews were amazing and LIVED it up. Kathleen is a professional Irish dancer so naturally there was Irish dancing! K + T, I love you dudes. Cheers to all that lies ahead! Love.


"Your my lady. My divine lady."- D'Angelo

Please immediately check out this amazing ladies music and everything that she does: www.kayanicolemusic.com. It was the best honor to get to shoot her in the french quarter and I can't wait to see all the amazing things coming for her. LOVE.